Vintage Dooney Bargain Bags

Bargain Bags Selected From Several Vintage Dooney Collections

Here at Vintage Dooney, we have exceptionally high standards for the items we choose to offer for sale. From time to time we run across a much-loved Vintage Dooney Bourke AWL bag that has a bit more use than what we are willing to sell in the main section of the store. This section of our Vintage Dooney Store is reserved for authentic, heirloom Dooneys at exceptionally low prices.

All bags have been thoroughly cleaned & restored as much as possible. Please read each description thoroughly to ensure you understand any and all issues associated with the listing.
About These Special Offerings:
  • 100% guaranteed authentic Vintage Dooney Bourke or your money cheerfully refunded!
  • NO RETURNS on any items which are listed in Bargain Bags! Ask questions before ordering!
Vintage Dooney Domed Satchel
$235.00 $98.00Out of Stock
Ostrich Bucket Bag Dooney Bourke
$190.00 $48.88Out of Stock