Happy Customers

Cavalry Trooper Bag "I received my handbag today and love it — thank you!  And the lavender sachet is a wonderful touch."- M.D. October 2021
" I came across your site and find it enchanting and totally pleasing. 
Thank you for my order, I know I will thoroughly enjoy them."-Marlyn W. Mar 2021
"Hi JoAnna, Thank you for the wonderful Norfolk; so clean I feel like I’m the first to use it!"-G.C. Oct. 2020
"Hi Vintage Dooney,
My Carrier bag arrived today! Thanks for the careful packing. This bag is my birthday splurge, and I bought it due to its rarity. I’m a relatively new vintage Dooney collector but have a vast collection in less than two years. I only know of two other collectors who own a red/burnt cedar bag from the Vintage Collection!" Kay.L. July 2020
Dooney Black Carpet Bag: "Love this purse! Thanks also for the cleaning cloths"-Deborah P. Nov. 2019
"Yesterday I opened the package with my vintage dark chocolate brown and black satchel, and I couldn't be happier. It is beautiful, stylish, clearly well-made, unique, and appears to be functional although I haven't used it yet.  I got "oohs" and "aahs" from everyone at work. The quality immediately stood out to everyone.  As a little background, I begin purchasing current day designer handbags about 10 years ago from the likes of Luis Vuitton, Gucci, etc., but they do not hold my interest because they're not unique and the quality, while high, is not commensurate with the prices which are super high. So, I began selling those bags, donated some of the proceeds to charity, and started developing an interest in vintage handbags. I like things that are eye-catching and stylish, uncommon and unique, and super high-quality. Function is also paramount. I've resold at least three top bags that were beautiful but just didn't work out for how I use a bag. And, sure I'm attracted to status items also, but not enough to make a buy that's not smart. This bag fits all the marks at a mere fraction of the price of the designer bags I'd been buying. The quality is stunning and can not be found in modern bags, even modern Dooney's (sorry Dooney). I'm now eyeing a couple of other bags on your website. Thanks so much for offering this service. What a wonderful business you have. I wish you much continued success in the future."-Cheryl M.  November 2019
"I am excited about my purchase with you! You have a wonderful website, easy to use and great photo's of the products you sell. I am certain I will be purchasing from you more than a few times! Looking forward to receiving my new purchase. Best Regards, MK" Nov. 2019
"Good afternoon, I just found your site and wanted to let you know how happy I am to have discovered it. You have some great vintage Dooney bags! I have had a few Dooney bags starting in 1991 with an All Weather Leather Duck Bag. I am in the market for a new Dooney and Bourke handbag. I have not decided if I will go with a new one or a vintage bag. Your site has the best vintage I have seen so far. I will certainly be checking your site often. Sincerely, Betty" Feb. 2019
"I just received my adorable Dooney Palomino Barrel Bag about an hour ago.
It's absolutely gorgeous and perfect! I always wanted a vintage Dooney bag in that hard-to-find palomino color.  It's such a happy color, and it reminds me of summer.  I'm in love! I will definitely order from your shop again. Thank you so much! Dorothy M." Feb. 2019
"I just received my restored Dooney handbag in the mail today. Thank you so much for doing such a great job!!
The bag is an old favorite so I am thrilled to be able to extend it's life. Thanks so much again." Debra B. June 2018
"I received the Exotic Dooney Bourke Ostrich Leather Barrel bag today, oh, what a beautiful bag - such craftsmanship! This bag was my Friday afternoon piece of heaven. I collect Dooney Barrel bags and I am delighted to have found this exquisite item from your website. Thank you for taking such care in packaging and the thoughtful note enclosed, very much appreciate it."-Lisa C. from New York May 2018
"Hello JoAnna, I wanted to let you know I received my Teton bag Saturday. It's really nice and in great condition and I love the tri colors. Very happy with both of my bags!! It's so nice that you make these vintage bags available for those of us who remember, and have, Dooney's from the 70 and 80's. -Cheryl M. from Texas"-December 2017

 "Thank you so much for responding.  I would like to inform you that I received the coin purse and it is a perfect match to my cross body purse.  I am very excited about the set and look forward to showing it off! You have been wonderful, and I look forward to making future purchases. Sincerely, Shirelle J."-January 2017

"I received my dark chocolate tack bag. It is lovely. It more than lived up to the picture on your website. I already know this will be my favorite in my collection of Dooney and Bourke bags. I have this bag in all black so even though it looks small I knew it would be just right for what I carry. I am very pleased at the quality of the bag as well as your prompt shipping. (The post office is another story but that is not your fault.) Also appreciate that you put the bag in a box rather than an envelope. Your website is beautiful. Sincerely, Ann T"- December 2016

"I received my Dooney Mushroom Bag today and was so surprised when I opened the box it was packed so nice and when I unwrapped it I was so excited to see she is just gorgeous and perfect looks like brand new. So much better than the new ones they sell today. I expected it to be nice as the pictures showed it to be but it is so much prettier than the pictures- best present. I look forward to finding another in the future that I can treasure."-Peggy W. from Texas December 2016

"I received my bag yesterday in its pristine condition. I'm so pleased and happy with the purchase and the excellent condition as you described. I love the navy blue; a nice change from black. I really appreciate the quality of these Dooneys and look forward to future purchases. Thanks so much for the excellent service. Have a blessed day. "-Cheryl M., September 2016

"I received my Dooney yesterday and I am more than pleased with my purchase! The condition is as stated "excellent". I have been a Dooney collector since the 80's and miss the quality of those bags. I'll be a returning customer for sure. Already have my eye on one. Thanks so much for a quality bag and great customer service." Best regards-Cheryl M. Texas  June 2016

"Thank you oh so much. Linda says perfect match to shoes she purchased. The bag came right on time. She's going away this weekend.
Again I say thank you. Will let everyone I know about your website."- April 2016; Arlene C.; New York.

"OMG, I was working out the other morning and the mail carrier came and he was here a while, so after I saw him drive away, I looked outside and....there is was!  A huge box!  Wooohooo!  I opened it and the 2 Vintage Dooney Sherpa bags were there.  They smelled so good and were so beautiful!  I cannot decide which one I want to use first!  Wow!  Thank you so much.  I have bookmarked your page and am so happy.  Thank you for these beautiful bags!"-Frankie H.  Maine January 2016

"Thank you so much for sending the Dooney purses! We've looked forward to receiving these Vintage Dooneys! They are always spectacular and fun to carry and show- most of all to treasure!"-Pamela J. January 2016 Texas

"Thank you so much for the Dooney red plaid shoulder bag. I just received it and I am very happy with its condition, and the fact that I received it so quickly. Very festive! Just wanted you to know I am very happy with my purchase!"-Lisa D. January 2016 Canada

"Hi JoAnna, got my bag and case today. Bag looks great for being preowned. Very pleased with both. I will be back looking for a new treasure frequently. Thanks again - Anne " October 2015

"Pam got the 3 Dooney bags today I ordered from you. Surprised me, she absolutely loved the Palomino bag. First one she started talking about. Then talked about the new one and how big it was and could put all her stuff in it. Finally about the sling bag and the different style duck fobs. And how she thought that would be a really nice bag to carry. She wanted to know when they were made. And she didn't think Paige (daughter) would be getting them-ha. So good job!,  and we still need to keep an eye out for other vintage aubergine style purses."-Doug J. from Texas Sept. 2015

 "Hello Joanna, I received the beautiful R02 Hand-fitted Drawstring French blue Dooney Bag today.  I am thrilled to be the owner of this lovely bag! Thank you so much for listing her! I will treasure this bag!  She's going into my collection and will be kept pristine! Big hugs!"-Nancy-Sept. 2015 

  "Joanna, I absolutely LOVE my new vintage bags. I purchased the taupe plaza bag and the bone zip top. They are beautiful and in mint condition. The packaging was professional. I am so pleased with your service and my new bags. I will definitely order from your site again. I love Vintage Dooney!" - Linda B. from Staten Island

"Dear JoAnna, Love the purse!  What a fashion statement carrying this beautiful, vintage Dooney! Thanks for the fast delivery!"-Sandra K. from Florida

"Hi Joanna! I had a very pleasant buying experience with Vintage Dooney. Joanna's excitement and love for Dooney and Bourke products is obvious and somewhat contagious! She was very quick at getting back to me and exhibited much patience with this PayPal noobie. I would definitely buy from Joanna and Vintage Dooney again! Loralie"

  " I received my bag and I'm totally in love with it!!! Thanks so much, the quality is as described on your site, and even better."-S.L. Canada

"It was such a pleasure to do business with you.  The AWL Vintage organizer was just what I had been searching for. And the condition was just as described. It's such a delight to have a quality organizer and a Dooney to boot. My best, Mary C"

"I’ve been a Dooney faithful right from the first bag my Mother purchased for me back in 1985. I still have that bag.  That is why I am forever grateful I found VintageDooney.com."

 My cousin and I joked; “we have many bags on this site” one day while visiting the web site.  This just goes to show how proven a product they are.

The service from VintageDonney.com is superior.  If they cannot assist with or find the bag you want, they help put you with those who can.

If you are hesitating for a moment whether to purchase, out not, go on; “add to cart”."-Ann, Atlanta GA.

“I received both purses today along with the sleeper bags and I am thrilled with them! They are exactly as you described them and I am so glad I found your site. No sitting in the basement smells, no more wear than advertised and they were perfectly packed. I can't believe what outstanding quality vintage D & B purses were made in the USA. I will be back for more!”-Christy C. from Illinois

"I felt very confident buying from your website as your detailed descriptions, the great close-ups of the purses and your offer to accept returns helped to make the purchase easy, enjoyable and sure to succeed!  But the proof for me was opening my package and discovering the purse was exactly how you described it! I look forward to my next VintageDooney purchase!"-dr. j. r. samuels, LPC-MHSP

"I got the purse today (Dooney & Bourke Satchel Vintage All-Weather Leather) and like it a lot. The size and strap length is perfect, and no issue with the light scent.  I'm sure I will be choosing another bag from you soon (just can't decide which one), thanks."-T.K. from Tucson, AZ

"Hi Joanna, my vintage Dooney equestrian arrived and it is fabulous! I fell in love immediately. Thank you for the fast delivery and the pretty wrapping that kept my Dooney safe on its journey. The bag is just as you described on the website. I really appreciate the craftsmanship of this "made in the USA" Dooney, and its lovely "lived in" patina. I like having a bag that is both classic and unique and that I won't see on everyone else. I am already daydreaming about another vintage Dooney for my collection.Thanks again, Stacie (from Nashville, TN)"
"JoAnna, It was so nice to discover Vintage Dooney and to meet you via email.  You offer a great selection of handbags and I’m so happy I found the zip around wallet on your website since DB has discontinued making it.  The wallet was just as it was described and in perfect, almost new condition.
Your prices are very reasonable and your quick response to ALL my emails made dealing with you a wonderful experience.  I’m especially glad I  didn’t have to stay up until midnight bidding on that “other” website.  I’ll be back again, many thanks, Polly (from Ky.)"
"Joanna, my vintage Horseshoe Dooneys arrived today & I could not be more pleased. They were shipped fast and packaged so nicely, it was like opening a present. They are very hard to find in this style and the ones I purchased from you are in fabulous condition. It’s nice to know a site like yours is out there for us ladies looking for lovely vintage Dooney purses. Your web site is easy to navigate and your communication and service is impeccable    I’ll be sure to recommend your site to my family friends too. Thanks again!"- Kimberly
"The most important comment I wish to make is that your descriptions are accurate and as a first time customer, was very happy with my purchases and items were as described ( on your website). " -Carol M.
"I really liked how personal the whole experience was. The hand written notes and the emails let me know that I made the right choice. My only critique would be that since purchasing my bag I have come across other vintage dooneys in various stores that were much cheaper and almost as good quanity." -Hannah D. ( Thank you so much Hannah. I appreciate your input and I hope you will find that over time, your decision to purchase your Dooney from my store, even at a higher cost, was well worth it. No other seller of Vintage Dooney restores their bags with expensive professional leather care products gathered from France, Germany, and England. The professional application of these will preserve your Vintage Dooney with great care and beauty. Also I offer Free Shipping and an authenticity guarantee. Just some of the reasons why you paid more at my store. Thanks again for your comments! Take care, Jo  VintageDooney.com)

My equestrian bag is so perfectly clean and white, it could be hanging on a rack at Macy’s for sale as brand-new! (Of course, vintage is even better than new.) I was so happy when I opened your package, and I smile every time I look at my beautiful purse. I know that some people think the Dooney AWL’s are too conservative or not in style, but that’s fine with me because it just means there are more available for those of us who love the vintage bags. They can have their Coach, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors…. I’ll take my vintage Dooney! I have several from you now, and I happily carry one every single day. Thanks again for restoring the bags and keeping them in circulation. This white equestrian is really a gem. -B.F. Massachusetts

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I absolutely ADORE the Dooney I received this past week. I've been searching high and low for the perfect one and I definitely found it at your store. It's perfect. Thanks again! -Stephanie San Jose, CA
Jo-I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you my lovely handbag arrived and I am over the moon! It is an amazing bag and in mint condition. Thank you so much for sending it to me and keeping me posted on the status. If I cannot use my Dooney and Bourke Dillen II Medium Zipper Pocket Sac in black with tan accents, I will be contacting you to see if you would be interested in buying it. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you and I look forward to doing business with you again. -K.R., England
I just received my Teton bag, the red and green one, and it is gorgeous! The leather is fabulous and the condition of the bag is wonderful!! And to think that I spent under $50 for such a beauty !! I've marked your site as a favorite....I'll be back! -Diane T., Chicago IL
I absolutely ADORE my DOONEY PURSE! It is every bit as beautiful, black and perfect as you described. And I very much appreciate how careful you are with your packaging for shipment, as well as being so speedy. You know, I wonder why anyone would buy the new, lesser-quality Dooney purses when these vintage All-Weather-Leather bags are still available and are SO superior. I’m grateful that you are keeping them in circulation. Thank you for your great service and for taking such good care of these classic purses. They are strong as a brick house and are truly built for “all weather” and beyond! -AMHERST, MA
Best of the Best!!! Love your beautiful bags, 5 Stars & Thanks! -MaryAnn
I love the purses I purchased from you! Fast Shipping, great products, great prices. Thanks! -Kay K.
Very Beautiful Bag! Supersonic delivery! Thanks -Beth
5 Stars All The Way! Highest Praises. Many Thanks! -W.G. California
My Bag arrived beautifully wrapped and is even better than the pictures! -S.V.
So Cute! Great Item, just what you described and super fast shipping too! -Trumps
LOVE your website since I love vintage Dooney & Bourke bags. Please sign me up for your monthly e-newsletter. -N.H. San Diego, California