#DB365 SOLD!!! Delightful Navy Ivy & Rouge Teton Drawstring Vintage Dooney Bourke

SOLD!!! Delightful Navy Ivy & Rouge Teton Drawstring Vintage Dooney BourkeSOLD!!! Delightful Navy Ivy & Rouge Teton Drawstring Vintage Dooney BourkeSOLD!!! Delightful Navy Ivy & Rouge Teton Drawstring Vintage Dooney Bourke



Vintage Dooney Bourke

All-Weather Leather



H64 Teton Drawstring Bag

Top Trim Color: Navy

Pinking Color: Ivy

Base Color: Rouge


This Multi-Color Selection is a favorite of 11 Vintage Dooney Bourke Teton Complementary color combinations.

This is A Bargain Bag with no money back return. Price includes Free Shipping anywhere in the USA.

  • Size: 11 inches High by 8.75 inches Wide by 5.25 inches deep (Medium-Large Bag)
  • Multi-Color: 3 complementary shades of All-Weather Leather. The top of this Vintage Dooney Bourke Drawstring bag is Navy Blue; the Pinking Accent Color is Ivy Green; and the Teton Bag Base Color is Rouge (Berry)
  • Shoulder strap drop length is 12 inches
  • When New this Teton Drawstring Vintage Dooney Bag was originally released by Dooney Bourke in the Spring of 1995 for $260.
  • Comes with Genuine Dooney Bourke Brass Duck FOB
  • Comes with Authentic cloth Dooney & Bourke, Inc. Made in USA Serial # tag sewn inside.
  • Comes with leather key keeper inside
  • Condition:Good with repairs completed. 2 issues of wear, not damage, have been addressed by our refurbishing dept. The leather strap holding the D-Ring for the detachable Shoulder Strap, on each side of this model of bag wears long before any other parts. This has been reinforced & made much sturdier with another piece of Dooney strap leather. Also down on the bottom of the bag, you will see a small approx 1 inch narrow piece of Dooney leather patch over what was an smaller exposed area of cording. These are small repairs and the bag, while having inks marks and a light stain inside on the bottom, is still just delicious in its Rouge, Navy, Ivy green colors! This is a chance to own a wonderful Vintage Dooney Bourke Teton Drawstring Bag for a Bargain!


Jo's Note: "The main body of this bag is in excellent condition as well as the removable & adjustable shoulder strap and drawstring. As noted above we have completed small repairs with genuine Dooney Leather. This Raspberry-Rouge color (actually darker than shown with flash here) with Ivy Green & Navy Blue accent colors is my absolute favorite combination by Dooney Bourke. This Bargain Bag makes it possible for someone with a smaller budget to afford one of these treasured Vintage Dooney Bourke AWL Teton Bags. Enjoy!"



Questions are always welcome-we want you to be very happy with the bag you get: jomertz1@hotmail.com 


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Dooney & Bourke AWL
Teton Drawstring
H64 Small


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