Vintage Dooney ID Service

Splendid Vintage Dooney ID Service

Calling Vintage Dooney Handbag owners:

  • If you are passionate about finding and identifying these Vintage Dooney and Bourke leather treasures to add to your collection, this service is for you!
  • Send pictures and questions about your Dooney bag or accessory you'd like to have identified and I will research it for you. As much information as can be found from Dooney & Bourke will be shared with you. 
  • For example, this will include as many of the following as are available-
  1. Collection name
  2. Model name
  3. Year(s) in production
  4. Colors Dooney & Bourke made it in
  5. Measurements
  6. Dooney discriptions
  7. Original price Dooney charged

In addition to all of the above listed Dooney information available about your bag, I will give you:

  • an estimate of what amount $$$ you might expect to be paid when selling it online (Ebay, Etsy, Craigslist).

Instructions on how to proceed after you purchase this ID Service

Text me (417-665-8996 and Email me (

your pictures of front, back, bottom, inside; approximate size of bag (WxLxD); your name