#ID Service Vintage Dooney and Bourke ID Research Service

  • Enter quantity equaling the number of different Dooney Bags you have questions about.

For example, if you have 2 bags or items you'll be sending pictures of and questions about, enter the number 2 in the quantity box below.

  • Service must be paid for before I begin research work.
Note: This listing shows a shipping charge for this service because My website software won't allow me to list services without a shipping charge.

Thus I have split the listed service cost and the shipping charge to equal the actual total charge you see in your cart for this service.

No shipping necessary. Pictures and information emailed to me is all that is necessary when purchasing this ID Service. Pictures of inside, outside front and back and approximate measurements of bag are very helpful.

Send your pictures and information to:



text to 417-665-8996

Dooney & Bourke
ID Service
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