Desperately Seeking Dooney

For Vintage Dooney collectors, by popular request,

we offer a Desperately Seeking Dooney Service.

Here's how it works:

If you have a certain model, style, or color of Dooney and Bourke AWL bag you are searching for, this service is just what you need. 

You are purchasing our professional finders service for up to 90 days! If you choose one of the bags we find for your viewing, we apply $30 discount to your bag order. What a deal!

I will be sharing Bag info and pic's with you as often as possible and also give you my professional opinion as to the condition of the bag. The price for the bag restored in my vintage dooney restoration dept, will be included in the description I send you.

If you don't like any of the bags we show you, the full $ dollar amount you paid for this service is applied toward the 90 day service.

In very very rare cases, I do not find the exact model of bag in the condition you desire. That's the reality when you are acquiring a vintage Dooney.

My search to find that perfect Dooney & Bourke vintage purse for those "Desperately Seeking Dooney" clients is much like finding the needle in a haystack. It's out there and I'm going to search and search to find it!

Email me for help or with questions: or purchase service now. 

Note about Cost of Service:

  • This listing shows a shipping charge for this service because My website software won't allow me to list services without a shipping charge.

Thus I have split the listed service cost and the shipping charge to equal the actual total charge you see in your cart for this service. (you will not be paying for any shipping)