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Vintage Dooney Restoration Service

Restoration Service Vintage Dooney

Now you may order Vintage Dooney Leather Restoration Service

What you can expect:

  • Your beloved Vintage Dooney AWL bag to be thoroughly cleaned professionally, vacuumed (every nook & crany) & when possible, stains removed. If I feel the stain is not removable I will not attempt doing so as it could discolor or otherwise damage your bag.
  • Scuffs at the corners are common with Vintage Dooney Bags & these will be restored as much as possible.
  • All AWL and trim portions of your bag will be cleaned and freshened with the finest of professional leather restoration products.
  • Vintage Dooney leather straps & handles will be cleaned (oils cannot be removed), and exclusive leather care products applied right down to the edges.

NOTE: I do not repair broken parts, rather contact Dooney and Bourke themselves for this type of work. Email Dooney at:

What you need to do:

Purchase 1 Restoration Service for each Dooney leather bag you will be sending for Restoration.

Ship your bag(s) in a box to:

Vintage Dooney

Attn: JoAnna Mertz

1406 Oak St.

Cassville, MO 65625

RETURN SHIPPING is included with this price.

Required Reading by all who order Restoration Service:

By purchasing this service, you understand that no broken parts or leather rips will be repaired by me. You understand that, while it is very very rare, there is a possibility of your item(s) appearance being changed or stains not being removable.

Restoration Service Vintage Dooney

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All-Weather Leather Vintage Dooney Restoration Service
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