Leather Conditioner Wipes

Vintage Dooney Leather Cleaner/Conditioner Wipes

"Our Wipes are Formulated for real leather"

By applying our top quality leather cleaner conditioner to your leather All Weather Leather Dooney products, you essentially keep the leather from succumbing to dryness which leads to cracking & breaking, as well as adding a layer of overall protection.
  • A good rule of thumb for how often to clean and condition your leather items:
Depending on the dryness or humidity in your climate, apply conditioner at least twice a year, up to once a month or so, to keep your leather bag soft and supple.

  • How to use Vintage Dooney Leather wipes:

Gently rub the Leather wipe over entire bag, let dry. Buff with soft cotton cloth.

  • How to Store your Leather Bag:

Stuff your leather handbag with bubble wrap or parchment paper (but not newspaper, as it will smear) to help hold its shape. Leather stored improperly results in wear such as creasing, denting and scuffing.

Place your stuffed leather bag in its original dust bag or purchase one from our store, and then store along with silica gel packets or tissue paper to avoid dampness.

Do not store in a closet or basement that is humid or damp as it will mold and destroy your leather.


If your bag get wet, do not dry the leather with a hairdryer; let it air dry, and then apply a leather conditioner.

Do not use cleaning products that contain alcohol, as these will dry out and possibly discolor your leather purse or bag. 


You don’t need to baby your leather bag, but be aware that heavy exposure to the elements will age the leather dramatically. Adjust your leather care and cleaning habits accordingly.