#LCW Vintage Cobbler Dooney Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Wipes


Vintage Cobbler Dooney Bourke

Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Wipes

(5) per package

Vintage Dooney Leather Cleaner Conditioner Wipes

  • Use on: All-Weather Leather; Smooth Leathers
  • DO NOT USE ON: Suede; Nubuck; Cotton Coated Leather
  • Each wipe may be reused at least once if not more depending upon the size and condition of your leather piece.
  • These wipes are made with some of the highest quality gentle leather cleaners & conditioners on the market today.
  • How do we know our Vintage Dooney Wipes are the best?  We've tested several over the years & found this Leather Cleaner/Conditioner is the best for a good general cleaning and conditioning of Vintage Dooney bags & accessories.
  • Won't damage if used properly or cause sticky build-up
  • Easy application: Just wipe your leather & allow Conditioner to absorb into the leather for several minutes (20-30 mins. or more) Then buff with a soft cotton cloth!
  • Use every 3-6 months of continuous use of your Leather bag and before storing in your Dooney & Bourke or Mia Cotone Sleeper Bag.
  • These wipes are an excellent way to nourish your Vintage Dooney leather bags & accessories between Vintage Dooney Restoration Service.
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Vintage Dooney Leather Cleaner Conditioner Wipes
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Leather Wipes
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