Free Priority Shipping on Orders $119+

Free Priority Shipping at Vintage Dooney

on Orders $119 and up

 I even came across your site but it was enchanting and totally pleasing.  Thank you, I know I will thoroughly enjoy them.

All ground orders* $119 or more (excluding sales tax) ship Priority Mail for FREE. This offer is available for shipping within the continental United States only, excludes Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Any order placed that has a 'Sub-Total:' of $119 or more will automatically be shipped Priority Mail at no charge.

 Applies to the Shipping Method listed below:

  • Standard Priority Mail
Vintage Dooney Bourke Birds
Please note: 
  • Free Priority Shipping at Vintage Dooney on Orders $119+ is our updated current offer which applies to ALL of Our Listings.
  • Previously all orders were sold with Free Shipping. 
  • Shipping costs have increased greatly, resulting in our new Shipping cost policy shown here.