#LAV-S Earthy Lavender Flower Buds Sachet

Earthy Lavender Flower Buds Sachet

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Vintage Dooney Lavender Closet Sachet

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Lavender ranks very high as a fragrant Natural scent option to keep in your closet or wardrobe where you store your Vintage Dooney and Bourke Handbags.

WHY WE CHOSE THESE LAVENDER SACHETS TO FRESHEN YOUR CLOSET WHERE YOU STORE YOUR VINTAGE DOONEY BAGS & Dresser Drawers : These lavender flower buds offer a highly fresh scent and beautiful colors, in part because of their strictly controlled nurturing environment and harvest timing and the pleasing colorful Sachet design.

  • Note: This item is for 1 (one) individual Lavender Sachet
  • These petite all-natural dried lavender flower bud Sachets fill the air in a dark closet with aromatic scent not chemicals.
  • HOW TO RELEASE REFRESHING LAVENDER SCENT: With dried lavender flower buds, the scent and fragrance of lavender can get weak (oil evaporated) easily after a while, but the scent of lavender still exists in the flower buds. The best way to refresh fragrance of lavender thereby increasing the fragrance intensity is to knead the sachet with your fingers. It will release the most aromatic fragrance of lavender in the air!
  • IDEAL FOR CLOSETS: Best uses are for smaller dark closets or hanging in wardrobes. If the lavender scent is not as intense as you'd like, add more sachets. Just slip the looped tie on the bag over a hanger.
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