#DB222 SOLD! Zip Around Dooney and Bourke AWL Wallet Mint!

SOLD! Zip Around Dooney and Bourke AWL Wallet Mint!SOLD! Zip Around Dooney and Bourke AWL Wallet Mint!SOLD! Zip Around Dooney and Bourke AWL Wallet Mint!


Dooney & Bourke All Weather Leather

Large Zipalong Wallet - Purse



Vintage Mint Condition Rare Peanut Color


About this Vintage Pre-Owned Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Leather Wallet-Purse:


  • Color of Body of Dooney Wallet: Peanut
  • Color of Piping: Peanut
  • Dimensions:

    rectangular (8.5 x 5.5 inches) and is designed to hold a great deal in a small space such as checkbook or even your phone, as well as other items. With the size of cell phones being smaller these days, one could carry their cell phone in these Dooney Zip-Around Wallets also.

  • Collection/Style: Zipalong Zip Around Wallet-Purse
  • Solid Brass Duck FOB: Yes
  • All Weather Duck Seal: Yes
  • Dooney & Bourke Authentic interior Tag: Yes
  • Professionally Cleaned & Restored with skill & only the finest leather restoration products: YES
  • Odors: No
  • Marks/Stains Inside: Clean-Excellent
  • Marks/Stains/Scuffs Outside: Normal darkening of Duck Seal & Piping
  • Damage/Rips/Tears: None, only minimal normal wear
  • Signs of Use: Very Minimal
  • Adjustable/Removable Leather Strap: Yes
  • Drop Length of Strap:
    27 inches on longest setting
    25 inches on shortest (drop length is the distance from the top of the strap down to the top of the wallet-purse while being worn).
  • Originally Sold: $195.00 in mid- 1990's
  • Total Number of pockets inside including credit card size open pockets: 9
  • Total Number of pockets outside: 1
  • Zippered Pockets: 1 inside plus main body has the metal zipper to close the whole wallet
  • Outside pocket closure: snap flap
  • Authentic Pebbled All-Weather Leather®: Yes
  • International SHIPPING: email for a shipping quote  adorepurses@hotmail.com
  • Adore Purses Rating: 9+


Adore Purses Rating System: 

  • #10 is a bag which is like new with almost no signs of use. Remember all Vintage Dooney Bags are pre-owned unless they appear in the NEW section of the store, however purses with a #10 rating either have been used very little or appear not to have been used at all.
  • #9+ is a bag which is Almost New in appearance. These Dooney bags may have slight/small signs of use and this will be noted in the description. There might be light wear noted on the brass fob or closure. There might be a very light stain inside or ink mark which is hardly noticeable. Look closely at the pic’s and read all details.
  • #9 is a bag in excellent condition which is in near mint condition and is nice with only slight signs of use such as stain inside which cannot be seen outside or scuff on brass components. This would be a Dooney with less than normal wear. Again read the description & look at the pic’s and ask questions about any concerns you have before buying.
  • #8 is a bag in very good condition. It has normal signs of wear such as inside ink mark or stain, light scuffs,  or other minor issues which will be noted in the description.
  • #7 is a bag in Good Condition with signs of more use. It is structurally sound and will likely have darkening of the piping or duck seal. The body will be in good shape without the crispness of a bag with less use. This Dooney Vintage bag may have small scuffs or inside stains and all issues will be described in the details and pic’s.
  • I do NOT sell bags in Fair or Poor Condition
  • #Bargain Bags: are bags which may be in excellent shape however along the way they’ve lost their duck FOB or have a blemish or stain or have been used a bit more. Whatever the issue is, this will be noted in the description. Bargain Bags are sold at very low prices and enable many to own a Dooney Vintage or own several of these lovely bags. These Dooney’s are guaranteed authentic and are sold quickly at great low prices.  Bargain Dooney Bags also


All Vintage Dooney's are pre-owned in our store which means while they are very very nice, they are NOT NEW---they are Vintage


All Dooney's are professionally cleaned and are not sold with broken parts or rips or odd odors.


Accurate discriptions are given & all recognizable signs of use are noted.


Ask Questions before purchasing: email me at jomertz1@hotmail.com


I am required to say that I am not an employee of Dooney & Bourke and, to the best of my knowledge; each bag I have listed on my site as such is a 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke Handbag.





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Dooney & Bourke AWL
Zip-Along Wallet


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