#DB-VO25 Brown Sugar Creme Brulee Vintage Dooney Large Carrier Bag

Vintage Dooney and Bourke

All-Weather Leather®

Carrier Large Shoulder Bag 

Vintage Dooney Large Carrier Bag

Carrier Large Shoulder Bag

R701 Tan Trim

H 8.25” X L 11” X W 3.25”

Strap Drop Length: 20-24”

Carrier Large Shoulder Bag

  • Color: Peanut with British Tan Trim
  • Dooney Trademark pebbled All-Weather Leather®
  • Secures easily with the Arrowhead turn-lock brass closure that is unique to Dooney & Bourke Carrier Bags. A curved brass tab goes through a brass-enclosed opening & then turns down to lock, up to unlock.
  • Dooney & Bourke leather Duck Seal
  • Outside back pocket
  • Detachable handle which enables this favorite Dooney to be carried as a briefcase for your electronics (without the larger size & weight of other briefcases).
  • Completed: Vintage Restoration of this and all Vintage Dooney products require a generous amount of time to achieve the desired results. Each restorative detail is carefully carried out in total harmony with the original colors, hardware and leather condition. This results in a Vintage Dooney product that has been brought back to it's former gorgeous appearance, or at the very least, as close to it as possible considering its pre-use. Buy with confidence! Enjoy with pride!
  • 1 Inside pocket system with credit card slots
  • Adjustable Detachable Shoulder strap/ Cross Body Strap
  • Authentic Genuine Solid Brass Duck Fob
  • Dooney & Bourke red, white & blue cloth tag with serial #C1054812
  • Condition: Very Good, Not New, Not Like New. Retains 70% of its original semi-firm shape. Inside flap has a few faint pen marks present as well as faint pen marks down inside bag which are not glaringly obvious. NO missing parts or odd odors.
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
Jo's Note: "This peanut colored Vintage Dooney Carrier is one of the rare colors sought after. It is a beauty and has had normal use thus it is one of our Bargain Bags: NO RETURNS on Bargain Bags and with money-back Authenticity guarantee. Don't Miss Out on This lovely functional Bargain!
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
Carrier Large Shoulder Bag
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Dooney & Bourke AWL
Carrier Shoulder Bag


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