#DB606 SOLD!!! Dooney & Bourke AWL Square Surrey Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

SOLD!!! Dooney & Bourke AWL  Square Surrey Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

All Weather Leather Dooney & Bourke Square Surrey Crossbody/Shoulder Bag

Measurement: 8" wide by 7.5" tall by 4" deep

Color: Dark Navy Blue with British tan.

This small square Surrey handbag has the characteristic padded strap that is comfortable on the shoulder.

A unique feature of a few of the AWL Dooney's is found on this purse: 2 adjustable buckles on the strap itself thus it may be shorted by 8 inches which allows the bag to be used almost as an under-the-arm bag also.

  • Popcled All-Weather Leather®
  • 100% Brass Hardware stamped "Solid Brass"
  • Padded wide shoulder strap feature:
  • Double buckle adjustable strap
  • No tears, damage, stains, missing or broken parts
  • I only sell authentic Dooney & Bourke leather handbags. Personally I feel Dooney & Bourke bags from the 1980s and 1990s are the best bags you can find. They are extremely high quality, made in USA, registered bags.
  • One of the most loved features of this Surrey bag is the larger Duck Seal & this one is in very nice condition.

By law, I am required to say that I am not employees of Dooney & Bourke and, to the best of my knowledge, each bag we have listed on our site is a 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke Handbag.

Reminiscent of a saddle bag, the Surrey is roomy, sturdy and ready to be put to use.

With USA tag, serial number, Duck Seal and Duck FOB, this is 100% authentic Dooney & Bourke.



A fabulous Square Surrey bag. And remember, just because Dooney & Bourke calls this "Small", it is anything but - it has a very large capacity !




Adjustable Strap:
Two buckles: 8 inches shorter, 4 inches on each side
This is a rare feature & difficult to find Dooney's with.

Reminiscent of a saddle bag, the

Square Surrey is sturdy and ready to be put to use.


The All-Weather-Leather Duck Seal is very nice.


Original Dooney & Bourke solid brass fob with a stylized backward D and a B.


Dooney & Bourke AWL  Square Surrey Crossbody/Shoulder Bag


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Dooney & Bourke AWL


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