#DB430 Fashionable Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

 Vintage Dooney and Bourke

 All-Weather Leather® Collection

 Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

Large Carrier Bag in Khaki

 Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

  • H 8.25"   L 11"   W 3.25 "    (SEE Measurement Guide at bottom of page)
  • Color: Khaki with British Tan piping   

Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL 

This picture above most closely resembles the actual Khaki color

  • 6 inside pockets-credit card
  • Plus One Large inside zip pocket
  • Adjustable Detachable Strap
  • Shoulder/Cross Body Strap drop length: 21"
  • Carrier handle may be used to transform this bag into a mini-briefcase also! It's amazing how much it holds.
  • Suede Interior
  • Red White & Blue Dooney & Bourke Serial #A7 524318

Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL  Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

  • Shiny Solid Brass Dooney Duck Fob Attached
  • Brass closure
  • Condition: Excellent exterior with little signs of wear; Good interior with a few light marks and stains on the bottom of the bag which do not show through to the outside. An otherwise well cared for Vintage Dooney bag.

 Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL


Jo’s Note:

"If you were drawn to this Vintage treasure, it is for good reason. It comes from one owner who took care of her Dooney Bags. The exterior is spotless clean with very minimal signs of use. The interior is clean with the exception of a few smaller stains in the bottom of the bag which appear to be water spots or something similar and they do not show through to the outside. One of the essential elements of getting high scores for condition in my store for Vintage Dooney AWL bags is that they retain at least 80% of their original semi-firm shape. This Large Khaki Carrier bag has retained approx. 90%. I give this cherished Vintage Dooney Carrier Bag a B- on the inside and an A- on the outside.

It's British Tan piping has aged to perfection! The new owner of this Dooney will enjoy it's deep honey trim (Dooney made this color of trim to age to a deep honey tan color) next to its elegant Khaki color. Don't miss this fine and seldom-seen Vintage Dooney and Bourke AWL bag!"

Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

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Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL


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  • Ask questions first before buying, thus you will be very very happy with your purchase- vintagedooney@hotmail.com

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  • All bags listed (except those marked new or like new) will have one or more of the following: various degrees of darkening of tan trim, very small discolorations inside or outside, small pen marks inside or other minor signs of use. Anything easily noticeable will be mentioned in the listing.

  • No effort is spared in selecting the finest Vintage Dooney treasures. Thus, no bag will be damaged or torn or have missing hardware, including Bargain Bags, with the following exceptions: In rare instances a wear issue has been resolved with a necessary repair & this will always be stated in the listing.

  • Unless a bag is marked (Brand NEW) it is previously worn & owned. Do not expect these bags to be like brand new unless I state this in the description. Do expect them to be clean and restored with the finest leather care restoration products available..

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Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL


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  • Unique Professional Restoration: From the moment I choose to purchase a Dooney for my customers, care is taken to clean & restore it with maximum "fussiness" thus allowing its enduring beauty to shine once again.

  • Only top quality leather restorative products from France, Germany and London England are skillfully applied to your bags because there you find some of the world’s finest cobbler shops, experts in leather care.

    Thank you again for sharing your time in shopping Vintage Dooney today. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you and all of my fellow Vintage Dooney lovers! JoAnna 

Khaki Carrier Bag Vintage Dooney AWL

This picture above, most closely shows the true Khaki color


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Dooney & Bourke AWL
Carrier Bag


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