#Restore All-Weather Leather Vintage Dooney Restoration Service

All-Weather Leather Vintage Dooney Restoration Service

Leather Vintage Dooney Restoration Service

Dooney Restoration

  • Including most Dooney smooth leathers & Pebbled All-Weather Leather bags & accessories & other Non-Dooney & Bourke leather bags.
  • Excluding cloth bags; suede bags; coated cotton bags.

Dooney Restoration

  • Place number of bag restorations you wish to order in order box
  • Purchase shipping insurance if desired. Vintage Dooney is not responsible for shipments which have not been insured or once they are turned over to USPS for delivery.
  • Return shipping of your item(s) with insurance added will require additional payment from you. Ask for a quote if you wish to purchase extra return shipping insurance. Otherwise your package is automatically covered for a $50 value through the USPS priority mailing which Vintage Dooney uses. Insurance on your package is not required, however, please note we are not responsible for replacing your item if it is lost in shipping. 
  • Once we receive your order, an email or text will be sent to you confirming we have received your Restoration Item(s) and an estimate of when you can expect to receive your order back.

Dooney Restoration

Frequent questions customers ask:

  • Do you only restore All-Weather Leather Dooney Bags? 
Answer: No we also restore many of the other types of cloth and leather bags produced by Dooney. If you have a bag which is not AWL, please email us pictures first and we will let you know if your bag or accessory is a good candidate for resoration. vintagedooney@hotmail.com
  • Do you restore handbags which are not Dooney & Bourke?
Answer: Yes we do! Again send us pictures first for our recommendations before you purchase this service.
The Shipping Address to send your bag(s) for Restoration:
Vintage Dooney
c/o JoAnna Mertz
47 Blue Ridge Dr.
Eldon, MO 65026
$95.00 Sale! $74.00
By purchasing this service, I understand that no broken parts or leather rips will be repaired by Vintage Dooney. I understand that there is a possibility of my item(s) appearance being changed (leather tint being darker) or stains not being removable. Ink and makeup stains are NOT Removable for sure. Most odor issues are resolved with this Restoration Service, however, Not all odors may be removed.
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