Helpful Hints

Vintage Dooney and Bourke 

Helpful Hints in the Care and Use 

of Vintage Dooney Bags 

& Accessories

Dooney Restoration 

  1. Keeping your All-Weather Leather Dooney's and Cotton coated vinyl Dooney's and Vinyl interiors clean is important to the overall life and resale value of these bags & accessories. Many find the secret lies in baby wipes. These alcohol free wipes can work miracles on dirt and even some stains on your Dooney.
  2. How often should you send your AWL Dooney bags or accessories to be professionally restored? That depends upon how your bag is cared for on a day to day basis and if it is exposed to the elements such as rain and snow, a great deal. Otherwise, the simple answer is every 2 years. We offer an affordable amazing restoration service for your All-Weather Leather Dooney items. Find out more:
Dooney Restoration

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